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Stories are gen unless noted otherwise. The tags in the sidebar let you search by character, point of view, category, length, and my favorites. Stories tagged "short" are between 1000 and 3000 words; "medium length" is 3000-6000, and "long" is over 6000.

Stories in "The Woods Are Lonely" 'verse
Stories are listed in chronological order within the 'verse. 

I began sketching out this 'verse way back in Season One, so my twist on Sam's psychicness is now pretty off-canon.  It's set in the time period of Season Two (2006-2007), since I like working with the brotherly dynamics from that era a bit more than later seasons.  'The Bridge from Lawrence to Rockford' is a post-episode standalone, but I also consider it a prequel to the 'Woods' series.
The Drift of Things
The Woods Are Lonely, Dark and Deep (Story précis here)
Promises to Keep
Miles to Go
Now Is the Chance for the Flowers (slash)

Episode-Related Standalones
Unconnected stories, posted in the order of the episodes they follow.
The Bridge from Lawrence to Rockford (Home)
Conversations over a Gun Box and a Roadmap (Dead Man's Blood)
What's Left to Lose (Devil's Trap)
Blame, Guilt, and Forbearance (Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things)
Catharsis (Croatoan/Hunted)
Falling into Black (Red Sky at Morning), slash.
Palindromic (Lazarus Rising and Are You There, God?), slash.
Better Than at the Other (Heaven and Hell), slash.
Knights, Kings and Sparrows (Heaven and Hell)
The Nature of Angels (Heaven and Hell)
What Profits the Angels (On the Head of a Pin)
Virago (Abandon All Hope), het.
No Mulligans (Exile on Main Street)
The Sibyl's Reply (Sharp Teeth)

Other Standalones
Stories are posted in the order written.
Everything (slash)
We Never Do (double drabble)
What They Are (drabble, slash)
The Metaphysics of Wincest (drabble, slash)
Proposition (drabble, slash)
A Matter of Principle
Rites of Passage
Those Who Favor Fire (slash)

"Five Ways that 'Devil's Trap' Didn't Happen" Series
The name says it all.
Deadman's Switch (drabble)
Intercession (double drabble)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Standoff (triple drabble)
The Worst Thing about Possessing Dean Winchester (slash)

Child Care for the Single Hunter/Parent
God Has No Sympathy for the Devil (When It Comes to John Winchester)


"The Nature of Angels"

Category: Gen
Rating: PG-13 for language
Characters: Dean, Castiel
Word Count: 3000
Summary: Sequel to my earlier fic, “Knights, Kings and Sparrows.” Dean and Castiel have a post-"Heaven and Hell" conversation about Sam, Anna, and the nature of angels.
Author’s notes: If you are unfamiliar with the fic that precedes this one, a one-paragraph summary is below the break. Additional author’s notes also below the break.

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"Knights, Kings and Sparrows"

Title: “Knights, Kings and Sparrows”
Rating: R for language
Pairings/characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel. Genfic.
Word Count: 5300
Episode/Spoilers: “Heaven and Hell,” with general references to other Season 4 episodes.
Summary: “‘Let him speak,’ Castiel commanded, like they didn’t all know he couldn’t shut Sam up with anything less than a tranquilizer gun and a roll of duct tape. Maybe the only surprise about Sam’s meltdown was that it hadn’t happened sooner.” Alternate ending to the demon/angel showdown scene in ‘Heaven and Hell;’ Dean POV.
Author's note: Please see the additional warning under the cut.

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"Better Than at the Other" (Sam/Dean slash)

Title: “Better Than at the Other”
Rating: NC-17 for consensual but intense sex.
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Word Count: 1800
Episode/Spoilers: “Heaven and Hell”
Summary: “Then do me instead,” Sam panted. His mind screamed at him not to hurt his brother even like this, but his body was screaming louder, so he shoved Sam onto his back and gave him what he wanted.
Author’s notes: Please see the additional note below the cut.

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