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Title: Proposition
Rating: PG
Category/Pairing: Slash, Sam/Dean
Word Count: 100 (Drabble)
Spoilers: You'll need to have seen "All Hell Breaks Loose," pt. 2.
Summary: Angst alert. To protect the unspoiled, no further summary.
Generic warning on all of my fics:  A minority of my stories contain character death.  For artistic reasons, I prefer not to disclose it in the headers.  If you will not read a story unless you know whether one of the Winchester brothers dies, click here for the spoiler.

His little brother's hands were the hottest thing he'd feel this side of the grave, and God, he had his voice down perfect.

"C'mon, Dean, I'll make it so good for you..."

Taunting voices whispered to him--brought back wrong, not your Sammy--as Sam's palm slid up his thigh.

The voices didn't know shit.

He caught Sam's wrist. "No."

Sam's shoulders slumped. "But you want it," he protested, his face too young and vulnerable.

He nodded at Sam's soft cock, and rolled to the other side of the bed.

"Not because you want to come with me," he said.


Author's Notes: So. Looks like the angsty fic muse overcame my denial about the season finale. Wasn't expecting that, really.

Any and all feedback is welcome. All my fic can be found here.
Tags: dean, dean pov, sam, slash, standalone, vignette/drabble
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