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blueiris08's Journal

BlueIris's Supernatural Fanfiction
Nuthin' here but my "Supernatural" fic. A few words on what you'll find in it:

I love both the boys but try not to be blind to their different strengths and weaknesses, aim to write them as honestly as possible, and enjoy exploring their relationship through slash, even though I don't see an iota of sexual tension in the on-screen relationship.

You'll find a variety of angsty fics here, ranging from impressionistic drabbles to plottier, episode-like longer stories. Some are experimental, some might be better than others, but they're never posted carelessly: if it's up here, it's because I think it's good enough to be read.

Things you will not find on this website:
Saint Sammy, Saint Dean, Super!Sammy, Emo!Dean, Child!Abuser!John;
Stories written out of dislike for a character;
Real Person Stories;
Unedited work.

Friending: Friend at will. If you're reading my stories, you're a friend of mine. The muse is a fickle and lazy bitch, so we won't be cluttering your flist.


A little more about me: